How It Works.

Through Oil Connection's interactive message board, businesses will post requests for equipment, products or services. Based on your business' designated keywords, the system will determine if your business is a match. If so, you will receive an alert. Therefore, the more keywords you associate with your business, the more alerts you will receive.

Members can choose to respond to the alert if their business offers equipment, products or services that meet the needs of the requestor. This cutting-edge communication feature is designed to save both the business Buyers and the business Suppliers time and money by eliminating excessive phone calls and online searches, with one simple post. Pick a plan now and get connected!

How to choose a Plan

Choose a plan based on whether you are a Supplier or Corporate Buyer. Keywords are an essential part of determining if your business will be contacted for equipment, product and service requests.

Service Supplier

If your company/business sells equipment, tools, products or services to any Oil & Gas corporations, production or operating businesses (Chevron, EOG, Apache, Etc.) or if you buy or sell from other Oil & Gas businesses, you will need to register your company/business under the "Servicer/Supplier" section.

  • Registration
    • Supplier's registration includes if applicable, your current MSA's, safety, equipment, insurance requirements and certifications
    • Documents can be and should be uploaded and updated for viewing by Corporate Buyers
  • Protected Profile
    • Supplier's profiles including MSA's, safety, equipment and insurance information will be protected and viewed only by you and Corporate Buyers
    • OilConnection will receive alerts when corporate Buyers log in to view a Supplier's profile.
  • Unlimited Service Words
    • Suppliers can add an unlimited list of their company's equipment, tools, products or services they sell
  • Unlimited Posting
    • Suppliers get unlimited posting which may include the ability to upload pictures and descriptions of their equipment, tools, products and services they sell
  • Buy/Purchase from other Suppliers
    • Suppliers can buy or sell from other Suppliers or B2B companies that wish to directly conduct business with them
  • Receive Automatic Alerts
    • Suppliers will receive automatic alerts when Corporate Buyers or other B2B companies, post information on the "B2B Board" for equipment, tools, products or services they sell
  • Marketing Exposure
    • Suppliers can market and expose their company by frequently posting on "B2B Board"
    • Suppliers can purchase advertisements that can be placed on a variety of places on OilConnection website
    • Supplier's ads will click to their company's website if available

Corporate Buyer

If you are a corporation, production or operating company Buyer/Purchaser that would like to privately investigate Service/Suppliers in the Oil & Gas Industry prior to embarking into a business interaction with them, you will need to register under the "Corporate/Purchaser" section.

  • Buyer/Purchaser’s Identity Protected
    • Ability to privately investigate or view a Supplier’s profile and reach out to Suppliers on a as needed basis
  • Supplier Vetting at your fingertips
    • SUPPLIER’S SERVICES-List of equipment, tools, products or services offered to the Oil & Gas Industry
    • SAFETY-HSE certifications, TRIR, JSA, JRA, Axiom compliance, IS Networld, AED-Safetrack, OSHA Recordables
    • EQUIPMENT- Certification, PPE, inspection logs, DOT, fleets, manpower and availability
    • INSURANCE- Umbrellas, general liability, workman’s comp, etc.
  • Unlimited Posting 24-7
    • Instantly connects Buyers to Suppliers according to their specific need at the moment of necessity.
  • Posting Saves Time
    • Saves Buyers countless hours of searching or phone calls for the right equipment, tools, products or services by sending instant alerts to Suppliers for specific items needed when they are posted by a Buyer
  • Search Feature
    • A Buyer can search for specific equipment, tools, products or services by logging in and looking for items in “Keyword Search” feature. A link to all Suppliers that sell that specific item will populate
    • Supplier’s link allows the Buyer the option to view a Supplier’s profile privately or to contact a Supplier directly, if they wish to conduct business with them
  • Increased Reach of Service/Suppliers
    • Centralization of procurement procedures
    • Works as complement to Buyer’s current purchasing system, especially when go to Supplier is unavailable or is no longer in business
    • Increases number of Suppliers in the Industry by providing a platform for every facet of the Oil & Gas Industry from safety signage to construction services